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Past Performance

IT Support Services

Expertise in providing end-to-end IT support services at Fortune 100 companies, ensuring that organizations can focus on their core objectives while their IT infrastructure operates seamlessly, securely, and efficiently.

Cisco System, HP, AT&T

  • Help Desk Support:

    • Successfully provided frontline support, addressing user issues, and resolving technical problems promptly for hundreds of end users in the companies ecosystem.

    • Implemented efficient ticketing systems to streamline issue resolution processes.

  • Network Administration:

    • Managed and maintained the organization's network infrastructure.​

    • Implemented security measures and protocols to safeguard network integrity.

  • Technical Support:

    • Demonstrated expertise in diagnosing and troubleshooting technical issues.​

    • Implemented proactive measures to prevent recurring technical challenges.

  • Desktop Support:

    • Provided hands-on desktop support, ensuring optimal functionality for end-users.​

    • Conducted system upgrades and hardware installations as needed.

  • Hardware & Software Support:

    • Proficiently handled hardware installations, upgrades, and repairs.​

    • Supported software implementation, upgrades, and user training initiatives.


Diverse administrative competencies, which serve as a pillar for the efficient functioning of organizations, promoting a productive and organized work environment

Hewlett Packard

  • Project Management:

    • Demonstrated success in planning, executing, and closing projects within scope, budget, and timeline.

    • Proficient in project management tools for task tracking and collaboration.

  • Logistic Coordination:

    • Expertise in coordinating logistics for events, meetings, and projects.

    • Ensuring seamless execution of logistical plans to meet organizational objectives.

  • Training Management:

    • Developed and implemented training programs for staff development.

    • Tracked training metrics and evaluated program effectiveness.

  • Administrative Support:

    • Proven track record in providing comprehensive administrative support to executive teams.

    • Managing calendars, scheduling meetings, and handling travel arrangements.

  • Executive Assisting:

    • Supported executives in day-to-day tasks, managing communication, and prioritizing activities.

    • Maintained confidentiality and handled sensitive information with discretion.


Social media management and design converge to create a compelling online presence, fostering audience engagement and brand loyalty through visually striking and strategically crafted content.

Catalyst Real Estate Professionals/Constance Carter (Public Figure)/FNQ Network

  • Social Media Management:

    • Successfully managed and curated content for various social media platforms.

    • Implemented effective strategies to increase follower engagement and drive brand awareness.

  • Content Creation:

    • Developed engaging and relevant written and visual content.

    • Tailored content for different platforms and audiences to maximize impact.

  • Graphic Design:

    • Created visually appealing graphics and multimedia content.

    • Proficient in design software for impactful visual communication.

  • Brand Management:

    • Maintained brand consistency across communication channels.

    • Developed and enforced brand guidelines to strengthen brand identity.

  • Digital Marketing:

    • Utilized digital marketing strategies for brand promotion.

    • Implemented SEO, SEM, and online marketing techniques to enhance visibility.

  • Public Speaking:

    • Demonstrated effective public speaking skills in various settings.​

    • Engaged audiences through compelling and informative presentations.

  • Audience Building:

    • Successfully built a social media following of 250k+ with a reach of millions.​

    • Strategically engaged with followers to foster a vibrant online community.

  • Training and Education:

    • Conducted training sessions on wealth-building strategies.​

    • Successfully trained thousands of users within a private membership community.​​

Facilities Management

Maintain high-performing and efficient physical spaces. From routine maintenance to strategic improvements, we aim to ensure that facilities meet the highest standards of functionality, safety, and aesthetics.

Catalyst Real Estate Professionals/Constance Carter (Public Figure)/FNQ Network

  • Facilities Maintenance:

    • Develop and implement comprehensive facilities maintenance programs.

    • Ensure the ongoing functionality and reliability of building systems and equipment.

  • Property Preservation:

    • Implement strategies for the preservation and upkeep of properties.

    • Conduct regular inspections to identify and address maintenance needs promptly.

  • Space Planning and Management:

    • Plan and optimize the utilization of available space.

    • Manage space allocation, ensuring efficient use and alignment with organizational needs.

  • Janitorial Services:

    • Oversee janitorial services to maintain cleanliness and hygiene.

    • Develop and implement cleaning schedules and standards.

  • Building Management:

    • Manage the overall operation of buildings and facilities.

    • Ensure compliance with safety regulations and building codes.

  • Painting and Improvements:

    • Plan and execute painting projects for aesthetic and functional enhancements.

    • Identify and implement improvements to enhance facility performance.

  • Monitoring and Repairs:

    • Implement monitoring systems for early detection of issues.

    • Coordinate and oversee repairs to address facility-related problems promptly.​​

Asset Management

optimize portfolios, preserve asset value, and ensure strategic growth. With a focus on comprehensive services, we aim to deliver exceptional value and performance in the management of diverse assets.

Fannie Mae & Various Asset Management Companies

  • Portfolio Oversight:

    • Oversee comprehensive portfolio analysis, monitoring, and acquisition & disposition processes.

    • Ensure strategic alignment with organizational objectives and optimal portfolio performance.

  • Valuation Services:

    • Perform Broker Price Opinion (BPO) valuations and Comparative Market Analysis (CMA).

    • Provide support services for accurate and informed decision-making.

  • Asset Preservation and Protection:

    • Implement strategies for the preservation and protection of assets within the portfolio.

    • Conduct pre-conveyance activities to ensure the integrity of assets.

  • Training and Consulting:

    • Facilitate training sessions on asset management best practices.

    • Provide consulting services to enhance operational efficiency and compliance.

  • REO Property Management:

    • Manage and market Fannie Mae and other Real Estate Owned (REO) properties.

    • Oversee the entire lifecycle of REO properties, from listing to closing.

  • Transaction Management:

    • Conduct claim review and closing activities for real estate transactions.

    • Ensure adherence to regulatory requirements and industry standards.

  • Asset Listing, Sale, and Management:

    • Successfully listed, sold, and managed hundreds of assets.

    • Utilize effective marketing strategies to optimize asset visibility and sales.

  • Relocation Assistance:

    • Provide relocation assistance services to clients and stakeholders.​

    • Ensure a seamless transition for individuals and organizations undergoing relocations.

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